Thursday, January 28, 2010

Satan as the Epic Hero

Sorry! This was my post for the Paradise Lost reading I just couldn't figure out how to post it in that section.

After discussing Satan's similarities with Man while in class, it is easy for me to view him as the hero of Milton's epic. For one, we are able to sympathize with Satan because his faults are so human in nature. Greed and Envy are emotions that everyone experience, and so we immediately feel bad for Satan when he is punished for all eternity as the result of a flaw that is common among men. I think what truly makes Satan appear as a hero, however, is his absolute dedication to sinning and to vengeance. Just like humans, angels were created by God and are required to worship Him and ask his forgiveness for any transgressions. When people make mistakes, they usually appeal to God for mercy, fearing the consequences of his anger. Satan, on the other hand, is experiencing God's wrath in full, and yet still refuses to say uncle. He will never apologize, and is committed to fight an eternal battle that he cannot win. There is something admirable in the fact that he is sticking to his guns whatever the cost.

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